Booger Jim's Hollow
Booger Jim's Hollow

Terms & Conditions

Here at Booger Jim’s we may look scary, but ultimately we just want everyone to have fun and be safe. To that end we have a series of strict rules that all of our visitors must follow throughout the haunted houses and the haunted trail, all of which are designed to ensure the safety of both our staff and our visitors. Failure to follow these will result in visitors being removed from The Hollow without a refund.

Booger Jim’s Rules

  • Absolutely under any circumstance do not hit or act in an aggressive manor towards any of our actors or staff. We have minors and young adults who love to come out here and scare people and anybody who puts their safety at risk will be removed on the spot with out a refund and may face jail time depending on the situation.
  • No open toed shoes or high heels. To provide a spooky atmosphere, the lighting is low both on the haunted trail and in the haunted house; the ground is also uneven on the trail. Improper footwear could lead to injury.
  • If you are pregnant, or think you may be pregnant, we cannot allow you to enter our attractions.
  • Anyone with a heart condition, a nervous disorder or any other pre-existing condition that may be exacerbated by shock and fear should not attend Booger Jim’s Hollow LLC.
  • No weapons of any kind. this includes but is not limited to knives, guns, explosives, or bats. Replica weapons are also not allowed. Anyone found with any of these items will be denied admittance or removed from The Hollow.
  • No drugs or illegal intoxicants of any kind. If we suspect a visitor is under the influence of such substances, they may be denied admittance or removed at our own discretion.
  • NO SMOKING Our facilities are smoke free, we do not allow smoking of any kind on our properties. We do this for the enjoyment of all guests and staff.
  • Pictures or videos may not be taken inside the attractions. You can take all the pictures you want on the grounds.
  • Do not bring glow sticks with you if you do you will be asked to put them back in your vehicle
  • Do not act in an aggressive manner towards or hit any of the staff, actors or other guests. Anyone doing so will be removed from the property immediately)
  • The management reserves the right to refuse admittance to visitors who we suspect is violating or intends to violate any of these rules at our own discretion.


All patrons must sign the waiver below in order to experience Booger Jim’s Hollow LLC. We have the waiver here but if you print it out and sign it will make the check in process a lot faster! Your signature must be legible or we will not accept it.