Booger Jim's Hollow
Booger Jim's Hollow

The Legend of Booger Jim

From The Man Came The Monster; From The Monster Came The Myth.

Booger Jim was an angry and anti-social man who roamed the streets of the old town of Cherokee Falls, never really speaking to anyone. He had a reputation as an obnoxious bitter drunk. Despite his foul disposition, he did have a family: a wife and a very young son. A family he would often beat.

One night, in a fit of rage, Booger Jim began to furiously assault his wife. Tired of his abuse, his wife finally fought back — to no avail. Consumed by his fury, Booger Jim ended up strangling his wife to death. Booger Jim’s son, seeing his mother murdered before him, began to scream. Jim turned upon his son and resumed his harrowing onslaught of bloody violence in an attempt to silence the boy. When his son fell silent and stopped struggling, becoming limp in his hands, he realized he had succeeded.

Booger Jim's Hollow
Jim’s 7th Grade School Picture

As his frenzy subsided, Booger Jim was confronted with the ugly reality of what his rage had wrought. Consumed with remorse, he stumbled to the bridge in Cherokee Falls and hanged himself with a set of jumper cables, a picture of his wife and son crushed in his raw and twisted hand.

The old folk of Cherokee Falls say that if you go to the infamous “Booger Jim Bridge” at midnight, turn off your car and repeat the words “BOOGER JIM” three times… he will appear, consumed by rage and grief and howling at the sky. Many have reported sounds of footsteps and moans coming from beneath the bridge; some have even seen red, glowing eyes peering out of the woods surrounding the bridge. Anyone who has been there on a dark night knows that there is a darkness there that no light can penetrate…

This horrifying local legend is what inspired us to bring you… Booger Jim’s Hollow!

Now you know the legend. We hope it’s given you a taste of what you can expect when you visit us. Contact us to plan your trip or if you have any questions, but come with friends – never alone.

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